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A Quick Guide to Linkbuilding The fact is that some of the companies online are having a very hard time to draw audience nearer to them for the reason that a great volume of varied contents continues to grow on the internet at an unbelievable rate. But some of the publisher and the brand is investing big amount in order to churn out pages. Out of the 1,200 new contents being released by Washington Post, 500 were written by their editors in-house. According to the internet, based on the Internet Live Stats, there is approximately 4.3 million of the blog post that pop ups in one day. Trying to keep up with this and to fight in this volume of competition is a little of a non-starter. In the first day that the new articles were released, research of the Boost the News shows that 74 percent of the articles already reached the traffic peak then the rest will be on the next day. Content is king. “Content is king,” as the saying goes but where is the ROI on the pages in publishing which are just useless within just a couple of days? We now that it’s not bad to release new articles, which is a normal thing to do but we should also need to always remember that our old contents still have a lot of use.
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One key to put your discoverability on its maximum ability, you just need to extend the shelf life of your content. This allows you to know what are the ripe assets to extend life. For the mean time, you will need to evaluate the article you have to decide what articles to promote or to repurposed and what articles are to be upgraded or to be updated. If and when you still have some contents that you think is no longer relevant to the audiences, then unpublishing it would not be a bad idea. If you believe that contents marketing means quality and then some contents are not helping you, keeping this content would be useless. You don’t need to keep something that will just turn off your readers and slow down your site in the web. Obviously, the services that is not available and also the old product needs to be taken off first. But you need to remember that before you delete the article, you need to have at least a 301 redirects the audiences to fresher articles and to more relevant ones. Just imagine this situation that someone wants to apply in a job opportunity that is no longer available, then you can bring your visitor to your latest updated site together with the fresh information about all other job openings.6 Facts About Businesses Everyone Thinks Are True